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Sometimes clients need help that requires ongoing accountability and support. Developing and sticking to a plan can be overwhelming for someone who hasn’t done it before. We set up a planning relationship for a fee, whereby we schedule a monthly call to talk through such financial questions as budgeting, debt reduction, savings or credit.

This is the process.

Women Inspire Wealth


Introduction and Getting Started

An introductory conversation for us to learn more about each other, your financial objectives, and the desired value of working together. We will walk through the financial planning process and discuss any questions you may have about the process. You will leave the conversation with an understanding of what our work together will look like and how to get started.


Defining Wealth On Your Terms

Wealth is personal, and we like to keep it that way. We will talk through what wealth means to you and your family to ensure the financial plan we create together will align with your vision and goals for the future. Our process will uncover roadblocks which may or may not derail your preferred lifestyle as well as the opportunities to help the people and causes you care deeply about. In other words, we will help you define wealth on your terms.


Creating Your Custom Financial Plan

We take time to ensure our clients have the knowledge and understanding of the different financial strategies available and provide a safe space for them to decipher their own preferences and/or tolerances for each. Creating a custom financial plan based on the preferences and tolerances unique to you and your family empowers you to move forward with confidence towards your vision and goals for the future.


Implementing Your Custom Financial Plan

Our team will present your custom financial plan to you to ensure you are ready to begin implementing the strategies and changes necessary. Once finalized, our team will guide you step-by-step through the implementation process and be there for you as you begin to see your plan come to life.


Service & Support

Our service and support team will take over once your custom financial plan has been fully implemented and reviewed; They will check-in with you, monitor your progress, help keep you organized, serve as a sounding board, and assist in completing tasks or answering questions.


Reviews and Renewals

Our goal is to create and facilitate a long-lasting relationships with our clients - we care and strive to create an environment where we are your trusted financial professionals and strongest supporters.

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